About Green City e.V.

About Green City e. V. (registered association), Green City AG’s parent company:

Munich’s “green” or environmental conscience Green City e. V. was founded 25 years ago in Munich and is widely acknowledged to be one of Munich’s leading environmental organizations. Green City e.V. initially saw its mission as paving the way for Munich to become an environmentally viable city with sustainable transport and energy.

Green City lobbies for a dynamic living evironment where the streets belong to the people, pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and course of children: for getting together, for cultural events and for play.

The aim is that energy generated from water, wind, solar, hydropower and biomass will become Munich’s energy decision of choice. Fresh air, more green spaces, less noise—this is Green City’s vision. Green City e. V. has six volunteer board members and 25 employees working hand in hand with several hundreds of volunteers and 860 members.