Our objective: To combine economy with ecology

Green City AG (former Green City Energy AG) was established in 2005 as the subsidiary of the non-profit environmental organization Green City e.V. It is our firm conviction that global climate change can only be reduced to a tolerable level by switching to an energy supply based on renewable energies.

Moreover, renewable energies are an attractive business segment. As a project developer and financer, Green City AG operates in a growth market. By 2050, the installed capacity of solar and wind power plants will have increased fivefold from around 82 GW to over 400 GW in Germany alone.

We intend to consistently exploit these market opportunities in our core markets of Germany, France and Italy. The bottom line is that the Green City AG is an effective tool for bringing about a transition in the energy supply at the hands of ordinary citizens.

Our offer

BusinessProject development & plant construction

We will develop your power plant projects hand-in-hand with you. Through the far-reaching involvement of ordinary citizens, we can achieve a fair distribution of benefits and obligations and boost acceptance within local communities. Our well-thought-out ownership and financing concepts enable municipal authorities, cooperatives and citizens to become directly involved in projects. To our power plants

Ecological investments

Renewable energies offer an attractive and real assets-based investment opportunity. Our sustainable capital products such as closed-end funds, participation rights and bonds are used to finance the expansion of renewable energy power plants. Investors benefit from statutory feed-in tariffs and our wealth of experience gained from over 30 asset investments. Over 4,000 private investors, several notable foundations and other professional investors know what their money is being used for. To ecological investments

Municipal energy consulting

Climate protection is a large concept. Municipal and district authorities wishing to reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time reaping the benefits require hard facts to work out a solution. Working in close collaboration with our experts, dozens of municipal and district authorities have devised climate protection and energy concepts to suit their particular needs. Generally, they come up with a catalogue of measures that policy-makers can use as a guide when working on climate protection measures for their particular area. To municipal energy consulting (german homepage)

What we believe in: Green electricity is the fuel of the future

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