Building power plants

Building power plants

Building photovoltaic, wind and hydro power plants is our core business. Our range of services extends from project development, detailed plant planning and the approval phase through to construction management. The end result of a process, sometimes developed over a period of years, is a grid-connected turnkey plant.

Project acquisition

Our employees are constantly on the lookout for new project locations for power plants. Projects that may be at different development stages are also of interest. We purchase the relevant rights and bring the project to completion.


Throughout the entire planning phase, and taking local interests into account, we offer confidential support and help you develop ideas as to how your project can be brought to fruition. Our citizen participation model builds bridges and creates transparency. In the planning process, we pay upfront and bear the default risk.


Our experts are involved in the approval process and ensure that all the necessary steps are followed to obtain the respective building permits. Through discussions with the responsible authorities, we work out how the benefits and encumbrances can be distributed fairly at local level.


We remain actively involved in the construction phase of power plant projects, and drawing on our experience from more than 260 completed solar, wind and hydro power plants, ensure timely and cost-effective implementation.

Financing models

In collaboration with municipal authorities and local players, we develop tailored financing concepts that enable citizens to participate in the power plants on their doorstep, so to speak. A good example of this is the citizen-owned “Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau”.

Operational management

After completion of the power plants, these can be handed over to Green City Operations and management GmbH who will take care of the technical and commercial management of the plants. As part of the Green City AG, the company stands for the competent and reliable management of the individual power plants during the operational phase, with the emphasis on on plant monitoring, optimization, maintenance and fault management.

We acquire project rights and power plants

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