Hydropowerplant Antoigné

The hydropower plant Antoigné is located in Sainte Jamme-sur-Sarthe, Le Mans – France. The plant is currently under construction and will be commissioned in December 2018. After completion, the plant will have an electricity production of 1.300.000 kWh per year.

Data & Facts
  • Location and site
    Sainte Jamme-sur-Sarthe, Le Mans, France
  • Number/type of turbines
    2 Kaplan-turbine with vertical axis
  • Capacity
    430kW (2x 215 kW)
  • Forecast electricity production p.a.
    1.300.000 kWh
  • Households supplied
    approx. 382 households
  • Commissioned
    December 2018