Wind park Südliche Ortenau

In 2016 seven wind turbines Typ GE 2.75-120 will be built in the black forest region in south west of Germany in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The wind park will be realized with an innovative financing model and civic participation. The Ministry of Environment of Baden-Württemberg has classified the “Bürgerwindpark Südliche Ortenau” as best practice example for the implementation of the energy transition. Bürgerwindpark Southern Ortenau wins the WISE Power Best Community Project Award. This award acknowledges the strong commitment to wind power and the approach of including local people in wind projects.

Data & Facts
  • Location and site
    municipalities Ettenheim, Schuttertal and Seelbach, Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Number/type of turbines
    7 GE 2.75-120
  • Capacity per plant total
    2,75 MW / 19,25 MW
  • Hub height/total height
    139 m / 199 m
  • Rotor diameter
    120 m
  • Forecast electricity production p.a.
    approx. 44 millions kWh
  • Households supplied
    approx. 12.941
  • Commissioned