Milestones of the company, The Green City Family Group

The Company’s roots go back to the ecologival movement

1990 –1998

Step 1

Establishment as an environmental organization

  • Green City e. V. founded in 1990
  • Wide variety of projetcs initiated, such as Wanderbaumallee, Blade Night, numerous street festivals
1998 –2005

Step 2

Cutting-edge in solar energy—pioneer in renewable/regenerative energy

  • Construction of approximately 920 kWp in solar power facilities
  • Planning and construction of five solar parks dedicated to its citizen investor base
2005 –2008

Step 3

Green City Energy GmbH founded

  • Project completions spanning solar energy, hydropower (contracting) as well as bio-energy
  • Issuance of Participation Rights I and Participation Rights II
2008 –2010

Step 4

Evolution into a regenerative energy/utility company

  • Market leader in municipal energy consulting in Bavaria
  • Energy portfolio diversification, wind energy in addition to solar energy/hydropower/bio-energy and issuance of Participation Rights III

Step 5

Power plant constructions

  • Launch of the first investment vehicle in wind/hydro/solar power, Kraftwerkspark I, with approximately 20 MW in total operating performance, issuance of Participation Rights IV
  • Hydropower plant Praterkraftwerk project in Munich successfully completed together with Stadtwerke München (Munich’s municipal utility company), with approximately 2.5 MW in total operating performance
  • Launch of Wasser Frankreich in 2012, a hydropower fund (limited partnership fund)
    comprising five hydropower plants
  • Green City Energy’s transformation into an incorporated company, Green City Energy AG
2015 and beyond

Step 6

Power plant installations—expansion of solar, wind, hydro power activities in Europa

  • Mission: Actively promoting the exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy (e. g. coal), focus on renewable energy
  • Launch of Kraftwerkspark II as a follow-up of the successful Kraftwerkspark I, i.e. real assets investment vehicle in wind/hydro/solar power
  • Focus on leading renewable energy sectors, i.e. hydropower, wind and solar energy in selected European countries

Step 7

Green City e.V. bundles subsidiarys into Green City AG

  • Green City Energy AG has been changed into “Green City AG”