100 % Renewable Energies

Our motivation: A passion for renewable energies

We are dedicated to the goal of having all energy needs met through 100% renewable energies. Through our energy projects, services and ecological investments, we make a significant contribution to the energy transition and help to bring about a climate-friendly, citizen-owned energy supply at stable prices while conserving valuable resources. Join us and invest in our sustainable energy projects!

Ecology meets economy

Who we are: Pacesetters in the energy transition

We plan, build, finance and operate solar, wind and hydro power plants in selected European markets. Working together with municipal authorities and local players, we carry through power plant projects in a spirit of partnership from the initial idea right through to the finished plant. Our financing model is based on bundling energy projects and offering them to investors as ecological investments. In addition, we develop climate protection and energy concepts for municipal authorities.

As a subsidiary of the non-profit environmental organization Green City e.V. we are committed to the overriding goal of expanding the use of renewable energies. Our company’s roots go back to the environmental movement; our motivation is climate protection – not profit maximization.



Shaping the future together

Zest for action: We actively involve people in bringing about energy transition

We are convinced that global energy requirements can be met solely from regenerative sources. With the phasing out of nuclear energy, Germany irrevocably entered the era of renewable energies. Electricity from renewable energy plants will have to replace the share of electricity generated by nuclear plants by the time the last nuclear power plant is closed down in 2022. Fossil fuels are not an option. Climate change, depleting resources and raw material prices speak another language.

This can only be achieved by a wide energy mix of wind, hydro and solar power plants. This is why over the last ten years we have built and financed over 280 power plants with a total capacity of around 120 megawatts.

A vision becomes reality

Get involved: Investments that combine economy with ecology

The transition to renewable energies is no longer controversial. But will citizen participation prevail or will large corporations again succeed in monopolizing the industry? Together with our around 4,000 investors we have found the answer: ordinary members of the community! Together we have garnered investments in renewable energies to the tune of around 300 million euros. With our sustainable investments, small investors, foundations and professional lenders benefit from fixed interest and environmental returns.